His Admirers
The Appeal of His Music Was Universal
His Followers

Panditji performed widely, both in India and abroad. He was the first Indian musician to perform at the prestigious Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, USA. Over the years he performed at concerts and major music festivals all over the country including Shankarlal, Swami Haridas, Tansen, Vishnu Digambar, and Sawai Gandharva festivals.

His admirers were from all walks of life; from immigrants to editors of national newspapers to best-selling authors. All they wanted was to learn music from a guru.

His admirers came from an even more widespread circle. They ranged from scientists to doctors to national leaders.

Inspire your teacher and you will learn. In fact no one teaches no one. It is already there….whosoever has been able to successfully inspire the student is a good teacher, or guru.

Images from a Chequered Life
The Voice of a Maestro
Jogkauns Alap & Vilambit



Shree-alaap & vilambit

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