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The Author

Panditji is the author of the much acclaimed Living Idioms in Hindustani Music, a dictionary of terms and terminology collected over a lifetime, which was first published by Vikas Publishing House in 1989, and subsequently by HarperCollins India. The book records for contemporary and coming generations, the dying vocabulary of the oral tradition of Hindustani music.

Another seminal work is Conversations with Pandit Amarnath published by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts. In this opus, he discusses with his daughter Vidushi Bindu Chawla various facets of Hindustani classical music. Their other publication -- a bilingual one -- is about his relationship with his guru Ustad Amir Khan Saheb titled Indore Ke Masiha.

More books and compilations are to follow.

Stories and legends when they have not been understood properly have become myths. The common man is not so highly intellectual. He can take the upper layer of the stories and miss the kernel of truth.

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Music in Words
Also an innovator, a poet, composer, researcher and an analyst.
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Music Through Words
Pandit Amarnath is a pioneer in an attempt to explain complex music to ordinary readers.
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Hindustani Music Terminology
A book by Pandit Amarnath "Living Idioms in Hindustani Music"..
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