The Musicologist
Researching the Musical Experience
The Musicologist

Panditji directed a 3-year research project for the Indian Council for Social Science Research (1985-1988) on the Teaching Systems and Methods of Hindustani Music, both at universities and in the gharaanas. It compared and contrasted the teaching styles of Western and Hindustani music, in India and abroad.

This report which emerged after an extensive study, and interviews with teachers of music, contains the insights of Panditji who spent 40 years teaching the art and contemporising it while maintaining the purity of the guru-shishya parampara.

The controversial book presents research findings that are a major statement on the future of teaching music in the country, but has not yet been published.

Merukhand is in the beginning a mathematical attitude. When it is applied in the raagas it becomes a philosophy. It is a life consuming work…..

Pancham Kalyan Drut


Sarparda Bilawal

Nat Malhar

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