The Poet
Setting Sufi Thoughts To Verse
The Poest

Panditji is the author of Hansaa Ke Bain, a collection of 101 poems in Hindi, published by Rajkamal Prakashan. Tinged with a philosophy of attachment, with detachment, many of his poems are in the form of poetry which could be sung. His verse was influenced by the Sufi approach to life and steeped in Bhakti Rasa, where the lover and the Divine are one.

In the foreword to this book, venerable lyricist and poet Gulzar Saheb wrote about how he was moved at Panditji’s generosity in sharing both his music and his poetry….that marked his difference from most stalwarts of the arts.

Gulzar Saheb also remarked on the brooding and Sufi style of Panditji’s poetry.

As a mother completes herself after giving birth to a child, so does the composer. A musician does not feel himself complete unless he composes, or craves for composing.

Images From a Chequered Life
The Voice of a Maestro
Kausi Kanada

Pancham Kalyan

Ahiri Todi


Press Coverage
How the Press perceived his Genius
A Lycrical Journey
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Performing artist for AIR and disciple of legendary Ustad Amir Khan Saheb..
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The Sound of Music
His life was centered around his foremost passion "Music"..
News LInk
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